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10 Sentence Short Story

Ryan's Father

by Khari Dawson

Ryan had a father, but no dad.

He had a father that'd mail a moneyless card on christmas and would show up to see him and the rest of his siblings when they turned an even number.

This year, Ryan turned 16, but his father wouldn't be visiting him this year. Ryan, his mom, and his two sisters had moved-- all the way to the other side of town, without notifying his father.

May was approaching around the time he'd come visit unannounced, and Ryan, being Ryan, couldn't let him arrive at the house knowing no one would answer. So, Ryan drove with his new license all the way back to the other side of town and waited on his old porch step witnessing traffic and a crowd gather down the street around what appeared to be an accident on the side of the road. He even saw a TV crew pull up. An hour into his wait, his mom called to notify him that his father had died on the way to the house, it was on the news. A shocked and devastated Ryan drove home, his father’s death happening mere feet away from where he sat weighing on his mind.

He was a bit better seven months later around Christmas, though, and as he went and got the mail, he was surprised to find a moneyless card in the mailbox.


10 Sentence Short Story

Blue Sticker Laws

By Khari Dawson

Finally. On October 1, 2016, Martina felt good about walking into the supermarket. She did it confidently, feeling so much like she had control over what she was going to purchase. She stepped over to the fruit section, seeing an array of blue stickers. She looks at the apples first, and it filled her with bliss: each type of apple separated by ones that didn't have blue stickers and ones that did. Happily, she began gathering the ones without blue stickers into a plastic bag.


Boy, were the blue stickered ones big, so big they probably didn't need stickers to let you know they were GMO. Even though she knew they were genetically tampered with, they looked way more appetizing than the ones she was gathering. Looking around, she put the small ones back and put the blue stickered ones in bag, ripping off the sticker before doing so to make her feel a bit better about herself. A small flood of stickers were now on the floor. As Martina walked away, she could swear the stickers spelled out “ SHAME”.


10 Sentence Short Story



by Khari Dawson

“I'm sure all of you have put together that it is valentine's day, and I'm sure all of you know…” Sabrina gave them all knowing glances, wincing slightly at the fear in all of their faces. “We have a new member, Ryan, would you like to share your story?” Sabrina drew her attention to the young boy across from her in the circle.


Ryan gulped. “Hi, I'm Ryan. I first started realizing that my life revolved around the number 16 when I was...16.” Ryan laughed and so did the others in the circle. “My dad died when I was 16. And then I realized my birthday was March, 10, 2001. 2 plus 1 is 3, 3 plus 10 is 13 and 13 plus 3 is-”


“16,” Martina cut him off. Ryan looked over at her, nodding. “Yes.” He says. After the meeting Ryan on the shoulder as she begins to leave.  “You never said what brought you here,” Ryan says, slinging his bag over his shoulder.


“Well, on October 1, 2016, I  bought sixteen apples from the supermarket. I dropped them when i got outside, and a woman died as she went into the street to help me retrieve them. She was 61, and later I'd found out she turned that 16 days before she died. That's when I started to put the pieces together.” Ryan could see the panic begin to surface onto Martina’s face, she was triggered.


16 days later, they'd gone out for coffee, what a blessing and a curse the number 16 is.


10 Sentence Short Story

The Library

by Khari Dawson

I walk into the library, settling into a seat next to a large window; I was the only one there which was no surprise, it was summer. I look over at the librarian, who was trying to hold back tears, yet, miserably failing.


I ignore it, none of my business, and pick up a book near me called Geneva Jenkins. The cover was plain, with just the title and nothing else. I open it up to some of the last pages: and Geneva dragged herself to work at the library that day, despite her broken heart and the missing piece in her stomach that was Carl, she tried to hold back tears at her desk.

I look back up at the librarian at her desk, leaning in to catch what it said on her name tag. Geneva.

I scan through the rest of the books, all of them names, all of them plain covered until I come across a book that made my heart drop. Elise Marker, me.

I open up the last few pages: she opens up the book and realizes that the library depicts the lives of everyone in the universe.


10 Sentence Short Story




Too different to be sisters

by Khari Dawson

Talaya thinks I don’t know that I’m adopted, but I do. She said just because we like to eat different things and use different shampoo, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t related; but, I know better than that.


“Hey Beth!” Talaya says as I trot into her bedroom. I quickly spout a hi back before getting onto her bed, I was ready to rant.


“Talaya, I know you’ve been lying, I know I’m not really your sister--we’re just too different for  it to be true. Why did you lie? I could deal with if you just told the truth,” I ramble.


I look up at my confused sister, making me realize that everything probably came out as a bunch of “ruffs”. I’m a dog afterall. We’re just too different to be sisters.


September 2017 (c) All Rights Reserved


10 Sentence Short Story




Bad News

by Khari Dawson


Brewster knew what the cop was about to tell him, he just had to pretend like he hadn’t heard it before. The cop bent down slowly and looked carefully at Brewster. “Brewster, is it? I’m sorry buddy, you dad passed away in your house this afternoon,” he says, putting a firm hand on the young boy's shoulder.


Brewster’s heart sank like the first time it was told to him that afternoon two hours before by his mother, a bloody knife in her hand as she stood over his father’s freshly dead corpse. Now, his mother was swaying behind the bearer of bad news, pretending to suppress false panic as her chest rose and fell dramatically. Brewster gasped, brewing up some fake tears for the officer as his mother smiled lightly from behind the cop, mouthing “good job” before another officer motioned to her and she walked away.


“Who did it?” Brewster whispered, shakily. Of course, he knew, but he couldn’t tell the cop that or his mother would punish him. The cop straightened, took of his hat that hooded his dark eyes, then, bent down again, whispering close to Brewster's ear,  “I’m afraid, your security camera in the backyard show that it was your mom, Brewster, and I’m sure you knew that."


Brewster jolted his head up, peering anxiously at the officer, afraid to glance over to see his mother being placed in handcuffs.


September 2017 (c) All Rights Reserved




10 Sentence Short Story



Familiar First Day

by Khari Dawson

Jana’s mom settles her car at the front of Jana’s school, staring at her daughter expectantly and urgently as Jana gives her hopeless eyes. “I'm scared, mom,” Jana lets out, looking down and noticing her trembling hands.

Her mother sighs and reaches across Jana to open her car door. “There's nothing to worry about, Jana, just go, the kids will like you, you'll be fine.”

Jana gives her mom one last glance before going inside of the school. A new school, with kids loping around and chatting amongst themselves, many giving Jana irritated looks and eye rolls as one girl stops in front of her and begins to lead her down the hall. “Hey Jana, it’s me Sarah, your best friend, here,” she stops in front of the front office, “go to Mr. Larson, he’ll explain everything,” and Sarah gently nudges her into the office before heading to class.

“Ah. Jana,” Mr. Lawson says, appearing suddenly.  “I know this school seems quite foreign to you because of your chronic amnesia, but you come here everyday, and I hand you what you learned yesterday, you look in your book bag and find everything you'll need for today.” And, with that, he hands a folder to her and guides a bewildered and overwhelmed Jana out of his office, pointing down the hall to her first class before shutting his office door.


September 2017 (c) All Rights Reserved